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Pronounced NIHM and a shortened version of pseudonym.
ACRONYM is a set of of letters forming words. There are unlimited types of acronyms. Oftentimes names of organizations and corrupt government entities or individuals. Could be To Be Announced or The Big Apple as following one word or acronym.
ANTONYM is a pair of words opposite to each other in meaning.
APTRONYM is the name of a person that matched its owner's job or character, fictious or non-ficticious.
AUTOANTONYM is a word that has two or more meanings, also known as contranym. Alternatively called an antagonym, contronym, contranym, enantiodrome, enantionym, janus word (after the Roman god Janus, depicted with two faces), self-antonym, antilogy, or addad (Arabic, singular didd).
AUTONYM is a word that self explains its meaning; sometimes be the name of a job or person or social group.
BACRONYM is the reverse of producing an acronym like taking an existing word and creating a phrase; an examply might be: BANANA as Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anybody.
CAPITONYM is a word that changes its meaning and pronunciation when it is capitalized.
EPONYM is that name from which another name or word is derived. Example: Romulus-Rome.
EXONYM, from outside language, is often a place name used by foreigners that differ from the name used by natives. Example: Londres-London.
HETERONYM is one or more words that have the same spelling but different meaning.
HOMONYM is one or more words that have the same spelling or pronunciation but are different in meaning.
HYPONYM is a word that has a more specific meaning than another. Example: parrot is hyponym to birds.
METONYM is a word designated by the name of something related to it. Example: Bottle-Alcohol.
METRONYM is a word, name, or expression used as a substitute for something else with which it is closely associated. For example, Washington is a metonym for the federal government of the US. Another example: mother is a commonly used example and derrogative from non-native English speakers.
ORONYM is a string of words which is homophonic with another string of words. Example: Ice cream - I scream.
PARONYM is a word from the same root and usually a similar pronunciation. Example: Beautiful-Beauteous.
PATRONYM is a name derived from the name of one's father.
PSEUDONYM is an assumed name mostly by an author. Most often invented and can mean literally or figuratively anything.
RETRONYM is an adjective-noun pairing generated by a change in the meaning of the base boun as a result of manipulation. Example: Watch became Pocket Watch due to Wrist Watch popularity. Next, Watch is Phone for legal protections.
SYNONYM is one or more words having the same meaning.
TAUTONYM is a word composed of two identical parts. Example: Paw-Paw.
TOPONYM is a word derived from a place name. Example: Cashmere from Kashmir.

With all these 'nyms', do you really think it's appropriate to display information incorrectly? For instance: is coalesced within the CORRUPT Biden-Harris administration. Do you REALLY want corrupt individuals voting corruption into your transportation system? NO! WAKE UP AMERICA! Help me out here, we're in this together. Competence is not delayed. Competence writes truth in honesty and timeliness. Competence is complete, and does not utilize corrupt systems of organization ever. Competence understands that every politician of every opinion is truly corrupt, for following corrupt beliefs and speaking into corruption having no ability to fix the corruption. I am not a politician or any of that, I am a person with the ability to update this page, and a refresh is all it takes to receive the update. Wrap it around your heads, Americans: have it God's way, OR have it your way. There is never an inbetween with God's perfect love: heaven or hell, no inbetween. Any opinion that God is slack in His Word is just an opinion leading to hell!

Instant Needs Sewn To And Near This

This article is devoted to the well over 40,000 people who die each year in crashes on U.S. roadways, and extricated to those around 3 million individuals injured.

With further insight, hopefully this may become a full-fledged document standardized for maximum safety impact with all road units.

I would love to link but that website doesn't actually teach you anything, and it's actually such an overbuilt website to navigate. Feel free to use it, anyway, but my vote is against such a useless website.

If important information is not instantly accessible, then the person who wrote the important information to be not instantly accessible is the one I am firing; hence, it is important to clarify EVERYTHING on a digital platform, including language and health itself.

  1. NEVER drive next to trucks, escorts, or emergency vehicles!
  2. NEVER ignore signals or signs.
  3. NEVER pass slowly.
  4. NEVER pass too quickly, NEVER pass before onramps, offramps, hilltops, tight turns, blindspots, merges, and splits.
  5. NEVER drive too close in front of or behind or next to trucks, escorts or emergency vehicles.
  1. Provide lots of space for other drivers, and never block traffic.
  2. Provide LOTS of space, NEVER drive next to or near vehicles with strobing amber or other emergency lights!
  3. Have patience with distance, especially for large vehicles and vehicle convoys. Look for the large truck mirrors to maintain safe distance.
  4. Pass fast or maintain appropriate following distance, never drive next to traffic in neighboring lanes.
  5. Stay aware of fast approaching oncoming traffic, and prepare to move over, stop or slow down.
  6. Obey all traffic signals and signs, moving or fixed.
  7. Never follow passing vehicles. Maintain correct distance, minimum visibility of driver cab mirrors, to see far ahead.
  8. Trucks require extra stopping distance, similar to trains, and require extra lane space for many ramps and bridges. Never stay next to or tailgated at a truck or oversized load.
  9. Beware passing oversize loads near onramps, offramps, hilltops, turns, blindspots, merges, and splits
  10. Danger never pass too slow!

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human === nuanced === with knowledge === alive

Artificial intelligence are illegal. Driving with assistive automated systems is no guarantee the driver is paying attention. Assistive artificial intelligence also have no conscience and cannot see or hear or think or respond like humans. However, automated intelligence may still save lives! The legality of automated systems is: humans over nonhumans. The human always assumes absolute responsibility, and the automated system should always be expected to fail at a rate higher than humans, hence the 'assistive' aspect.


I am an official source contributor for written desires among all government systems. This means, coherence is required for progress, however absolute control is required for updates, none of which our government would like to lend to me. Therefore, I just continue where I left off previously: I write only true reality, I have a conscience unlike any artificial intelligence or corrupt politician or human who does not understand what may be occuring behind digitally constructed systems. Unlike anyone with any incentive or non-incentive, my incentive is to glorify the one and only God almighty to the greatest extent, regardless what any human or god thinks I am doing.

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This page is pending a plethora of updates and rearrangement. No amount of correctness or money will ever buy me out, America: I will always be on your side, trusting in God alone.

There is always someone who wants to manipulate information, whether it's identifying a death or an incident or etc etc etc. Beware who you trust in the digital age.